zendesk solutions

Above all else, we have chosen Zendesk for itssimplicity . Setup is quick and easy. Working within the solution is logical and free from disturbing factors. Zendesk can be implemented instages, starting off with the management of one service channel and adding others over time. The excellent customer service solution makes life more convenient for customer and agent alike, helps boost company’s sales and lower customer servicing costs thanks to rapid problem solving. As a bonus, Zendesk is easily integrated with a company’s other solutions via WebHooks and APIs. If you think a good customer service solution is characterized by openness, simplicity, scalability and omnichannel, Zendesk is just the one for you.

why choose zendesk?


Zendesk is the ideal solution for a growing finance company, whether your firm is active in banking, insurance, asset management or investments. The solution is scalable according to the size and needs of a company. In Zendesk, your total customer data sits in one place, helping you to respond to customers quickly and personally, thus solving problems at their onset. To be closer to the customer, access to information is available 24/7 via self-service, chatbot and auto reply. Data security is guaranteed, the solution also complying with widespread regulations the world over – such as GDPR, in Europe.

trade and commerce

In e-commerce, the major problems are converting shopping carts to sales and separation of electronic and brick-and-mortar stores. Via Chat, you can make timely contact with the customer and solve the problem, before the shopping cart is abandoned. With routine questions, a bot or FAQ will jump in to help. Zendesk is displaying customer’s purchasing history, browsing history and communications in one single view. The customer gets equally great service in each channel.

public sector

To offer citizens world class involvement in public services, complicated IT solutions and time-consuming developments are no longer needed. Zendesk gathers data management, communications solutions, self-service and statistics into one secure and certified space. To ease the work load of a public servant and to minimize multitasking, APIs and WebHooks help collect information from various systems into a single customer service solution. Not to mention automated data sharing.


Keep your production promises and be close to the customer in every stage of the production. Numerous manufacturing companies are using Zendesk for smoother management of workflows, integration of systems, and better communication between departments. Communicating with suppliers and consumers will get easier as well. Via e-mail, Chat, phone calls and other communications solutions, Zendesk gathers all the counterparties of a project in a single secure environment, wherever they happen to be around the Globe.


Stay close to the patient through every available channel of communication. Automate information flow regarding procedures and bring the patient’s entire visit history onto a single platform. Quality health care requires a smooth teamwork. A good communications tool does wonders for cooperation between administrators, nurses and doctors. The patient enjoys an uninterrupted overview and gets reminders of where and when the next visit will be.

media and entertainment

A customer should always feel like a VIP. However, information stored separately in various data mediums makes it hard to provide a smooth-running customer experience. Various leading entertainers and media companies have opted for Zendesk as their customer service platform, with customer information comfortably in one place, and contacting customers made seamless via apps, push notifications and classic communications channels. Info gets to the VIP on time, and self-help is easy and logical. Fast product development is boosted by feedback options.


zendesk tooted

zendesk support

Zendesk Support is a simple and logical system helping to monitor and prioritize customer interactions in e-channels. A cornerstone for Zendesk, the support solution helps manage customer service in e-mail and social media. The working environment is easy to embrace, and automation has been utilized at every opportunity to keep customers current with what’s happening, while granting a smooth working experience for your staff. Through the trigger system, Zendesk Support can be set up to match your peculiar business logic. The solution comes with free extras such as basic functionality data management, Chat and statistics module. In addition to that, a variety of apps offering enhanced functionality are available at web store. Depending of type of license, SLA management and rule-based customer enquiries can be added to the solution.

zendesk chat

Chat helps create a closer relationship with a customer visiting the website, and ensure that a paid purchase is reached. Any questions a customer has will be answered quickly and effectively, and the customer reaches information or purchase with enhanced speed. Using Chat allows seeing where the customer is currently at on the website, observe his activities history on the website, and – speaking about the e-store – what does he have in his cart. The agent will have an excellent overview of the customer’s situation and his likely interests. Also, Chat can be set to actively approach a customer when he is obviously having trouble finding information on the website, or is hesitating with finalizing the purchase. For the agent, Chat is comfortably integrated into the servicing platform, whereby the changing of communication channels is smooth, and coming up with answers as swift as can be.

zendesk talk

Talk is Zendesk’s phone solution, which is integrated into the customer service solution so that the entire customer service in one place, with its history observable and measurable. A phone call is one mighty tool to solve a customer problem. Customers prefer phone calls to e-channels when their problems are more complex, or the topic more personal. Talk provides the opportunity to record and relisten calls, creates a framework for management and directing of calls, and helps monitor SLAs and the quality and effectiveness of work at call center. In addition to calls, Talk is also host to SMS-communication. Other phone solutions than Talk can also be integrated to Zendesk. Datafox specializes in integrations of the Innovaphone solution, but we’ll get other call solutions integrated into Zendesk as well.

zendesk guide

Guide helps to gather and find information, so as to make an agent’s work easier and get correct information to customers. About 80 percent of customers attempt to help themselves via search, before addressing an agent. Imagine if 90 percent of such searches would prove fruitful – what welcome effectiveness for customer service that would be! To achieve that, diligent efforts will have to be applied collecting data and building up information sources. Guide helps gather data regarding solutions already reached, and share handy information with customers and agents alike. Thanks to Guide, answers can be provided to customers via e-mail, social media or Chat. Through agent articles, even phone calls will be solved with enhanced speed. In light of statistics, you may detect which articles work and which don’t (having read the ineffective ones, a customer nevertheless addresses an agent). What’s more, the topics more frequently raised may be directed to the marketing department, in order to address issues important to customers early on.