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Data Centers / Server Centers


A large part of the server centers is working today on a virtual server platform, which provides a easier and affordable administration, increases reliability and data protection. Datafox has a lot of experience in virtual server solutions and is a reliable partner for the upgrade, expansion or virtualization of your server farm.
Solutions: VMware, Microsoft, IBM/Lenovo, Fujitsu, HP


Central data repository systems ensure a secure preservation of data, fast processing and effective management in one or many locations. The Datafox team is familiar with several modern data repository technologies (including all FLASH and software based solutions) and holds a long time practical experience regarding data repositories. We will plan a suitable solution with a suitable functionality and size for your company and integrate it with existing IT systems.
Data repository solutions: EMC, Lenovo, VMware Virtual SAN, Fujitsu, HP


Business data backup is essential. In the course of data backup the data will be copied from the regular workstations, file servers, databases and virtual servers to a separate backup environment. In case of an unplanned failure or data deletion it is possible for you to recover system to working order or wished data status. A working backup solution protects from business risks arising from data loss. Components of Datafox backup solution: a variety of backup software, hard disk based backup devices, tape drives, data backup as a service and cloud backup.
Backup solutions: EMC Avamar, EMC Networker, EMC Data Domain, EMC Mozy, Veeam, Druva, Azure, Datafox Cloud


Most of the companies have the same information (emails, MS Sharepoint documents, etc) stored from IT systems in many copies. A large part of the information that will not be used operationally is held in the main systems, which encumbers and slows down the IT systems. Datafox archiving solutions allow to specify how, where and for how long data will be stored according to the data type, users and frequency of use. Archiving solutions automate data management, spare storage space and speed up the creation of backup copies, protect data from unauthorized deletions and ensure conformity with laws and regulations.


Datafox IT solutions are suitable for various business applications: accounting software, databases, ERP solutions (logistics, production, warehouse, trade), data warehouses, personnel systems, special software, and development and testing environments. Datafox ensures your business systems reliability, speed and data protection.
Business applications and platforms: MS Server, MS SQL, MS Exchange, Office 365, MS SharePoint Server, IBM DB2, Linux, VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure


Solutions for disaster recovery minimize commercial risks and ensure the continuous work of the IT systems in case of failures, security holes, human errors, vulnerabilities, and in case of fire, water, or other related accidents. Datafox IT solutions and services ensure continuous work of the IT systems in case of possible failures, etc. Datafox Cloud


Cryptolocker, malware, viruses, DDos and other attacks on a company's IT infrastructure have nowadays become a norm. Also, through time, IT solutions have become more complex – traditional media are being replaced by virtual and software-based solutions, and their management is often quite complex. Also the use habits have changed – information moves outside the organization more than ever before (often located in the cloud) and the users are working increasingly more outside the office. All of this creates new expectations also for the company's IT and data security.
Datafox keeps your IT and data security easy by providing in cooperation with globally recognized IT security solutions provider Sophos a comprehensive protection of the IT infrastructure – be it your company's network or users final settings. All-in-one UTM (Unified Threat Management) firewalls, secure wireless solutions, end-user device (computers, cell phones, slates) security with virus protection, data encryption, Security Heartbeat are just some of the keywords. IT infrastructure is guaranteed to protect the whole server farm, virtualization environment and data storage devices. And all of the previously mentioned components will not work on its own, but as a single, comprehensive entwined IT security solution.
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Network + WIFI

Datafox cooperates with the leading providers of network devices and network services providers. We offer local area networks (LAN) for offices, virtual private networks (VPN), wireless and network solutions for server farms. Network Solutions are important components of security: firewall, UTM, virus protection, encrypted traffic. Datafox network and security solutions connect your server farm, office network and cloud office into a single, secure and working whole.
Network + WIFI: VMware NSX, HP, Sophos, Cisco, Brocade.


Communications solutions are logical parts of the entire company's IT needs. Whether it's a classic IP desk phone, one of the more demanding call center or call recording solution or a more complex Unified Communications solution. Communication solutions: innovaphone, Voxtron, Zendesk. Datafox helps in all cases.
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IT cloud solutions are a standard already today. Datafox offers you the best IT cloud solution, keeping in mind the nature of the business processes in your enterprise, habits of the end users, information security and business continuity requirements, and more. Datafox is your partner for cloud solution starting from the choice, implementation and the subsequent management. We offer the most suitable set of cloud services for your organization from several cloud concepts – private cloud, a public cloud or different solutions of hybrid clouds.
We offer a selection of the world's leading cloud services from: Office365, Windows Azure, VMWare VCloud, Veeam Cloud, Druva InSync Cloud, Datafox Cloud, Amazon Web Services etc.
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Computers and mobile workstations

Computers and smart devices constitute the critical “window” to IT applications and IT cloud services. Datafox solutions for mobile workstations include everything you need: the choice of suitable devices, virus protection, data backup, standard- and special software installation, data relocation, connection of special equipment, remote management and subsequent support. In addition to the standard office workplaces we also work with long distance and mobile jobs and call center solutions.
Computers and mobile workstations: Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu, Druva, Office 365, MS Office, Google Business, Mozy, Fusion Pro, Workstation Pro.

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