Datafox Cloud Ready Services

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Analysis of as-is IT architecture that includes gathering and analysis of the following information:

  • Server systems;
  • Network services;
  • Business applications and use cases;
  • Data classification principles and policies;
  • IT Security;
  • IT organization;
  • IT budget and cost structure;
  • Readiness to take cloud services into use;

As a result of cloud readiness assessment your organization will receive Cloud Maturity Model that includes at least the following contents:

  • Summary report about as-is situation;
  • Gap analysis about comparing as-is architecture with cloud architecture;
  • Proposal for to-be IT architecture (e.g. Private Cloud / Hybrid Cloud / Public Cloud);
    • Cost estimations for proposed scenarios;
    • Proposal for cloud roadmap;

Datafox cloud services

  • Consultation and Cloud readiness assessment;
  • Implementation of Cloud Services (see Sample Cloud Workloads);
  • System and/or data migration between cloud services;
  • Integration of different cloud services (e.g. private and public cloud integration);
  • Cloud operations management (monitoring, incident and change management) ;
  • IT and business-user support;

Sample Cloud Workloads

Enterprise Office applications;

  • Business class email and calendaring;
  • Document Sharing & Feedback;
  • Full office applications;
  • Access from any device;
  • HD Video Conferencing;
  • Virtual desktop and applications;

Mobile and Remote workforce on cloud

  • Behavioral analysis for advanced threat detection;
  • Identity & access management;
  • Simpler management of apps & devices;
  • Information protection wherever it goes;
  • Applications anywhere;
  • On-premises identity and access management;

Infrastructure as a service - IaaS

  • Availability—backed by replicas and an uptime SLA;
  • Predictable performance you can dial up or down;
  • Global reach;
  • Pay-as-you-go;

Virtual Machines

  • Virtual Machines with Resource Manager Templates;
  • 1-Click Web App Deployment;
  • Pre-configured applications and databases;
  • Auto Scaling;
  • Load Balancing;

Storage & Content Delivery

  • Object-, block-, archive-, integrated and file system storage;
  • Data transportation services;
  • Durable and highly available;
  • Designed for developers;


  • Scalable to thousands of databases;
  • Data protection via auditing, restore, and geo-replication;
  • Programmatic DBA-like functionality for efficient DevOps;
  • Self-managed for near-zero maintenance;
  • Data warehouse readiness;

Backup and Disaster Recovery to cloud

  • Simple, automated protection and disaster recovery in the cloud;
  • Orchestrated disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS);
  • Replication and disaster recovery to Cloud;
  • Continuous health monitoring with Site Recovery;
  • Compelling cloud-based backup alternative to tape;
  • Secure and reliable backup as a service;
  • Efficient and flexible online backup services;

Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

Advantage services from public cloud:

  • Hybrid identity management (on-premise AD + Azure AD);
  • Datacenter and/or backup second site on cloud;
  • Additional storage space and computing power from cloud;
  • Backup target from cloud;
  • Test and dev environments on cloud;

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