Access to data from everywhere - computers, smart devices, etc.


Administration and technical support


Security and reliability


You only pay for the services which you use


Prices starting from 4.2€ / per user/per month

Already the familiar Office software, but not just only.

The package Office 365 within business cloud is the same Office that you are familiar with and which you use daily. It’s is just even better. Because Office 365 works in a cloud, You can access Your applications and files almost everywhere - from PC’s or Macs, smart devices and from web - the data is always up to date. The same applies for function updates - these will reach you automatically.

The business class mail and calendar service keeps the work synchronized

Business-class email service and joint calendars, which can be accessed from anywhere, meaning that employees can keep up with each other as well as with the schedule. The minimum e-mail mailbox size is at least 50 GB and the volume of the archive is unlimited.

Collective file storage and document management will facilitate cooperation

“Dropbox” of your company. A clever mix of file server and cloud services will facilitate the secure sharing of files and their collective use with co-workers, customers, and partners as well. The documents are always up to date and you can access them from virtually anywhere to work together with others in these documents. In addition, it is possible to create automated work flows, and coordination circles.

Meetings and phone calls regardless of the device and location

Distance is not an obstacle anymore thanks to the Skype for Business and Innovaphone. It is possible to run a meeting over the network from computers or smart devices and to make phone calls regardless of the device. Organize a meeting over the network, where you can make notes and view documents in real time together.

Data protection depending on the end user

Data security starts from the end user. When various types of devices are used, the data security must be uniformly organized starting from smart devices and ending up with server services. Regarding data protection, we have focused our attention at least on the following topics:-Data backup from the user devices and server services;
-Data protection for smart devices - separation of corporate data within a smart device;
-Virus protection and preventive solutions for every end-user device;
-Network traffic protection for both, an end-user device or a server service;

Cloud Servers - Home for Your business software

It is not always possible or reasonable to use ready-made software. Cloud Servers in the Datafox Cloud data center, Azure-S or S-AWS can handle even the most specific business software depending on the nature of your business. Web shop, storehouse software, accounting software, business software, CRM software and manufacturing software are just a few examples;

Administration and technical support:

Datafox integrates various IT (cloud)services into a single entity and puts it to work for your company's needs. Datafox administration services ensure an implementation and a daily support for the solution.

Within the Cloud Office solution our partners in technology use:

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